Supercharge Your Community With Bonfire Pro

Today we are incredibly excited to present Bonfire Pro, our premium subscription designed to supercharge your creator journey on Bonfire. With Pro, you will unlock advanced customization, powerful analytics, and everything else you need to engage and grow your web3 community.

Experience limitless possibilities with unlimited pages to showcase drops, unlockable rewards, and dedicated token-gated spaces for your most loyal fans. Take control of your brand with premium customization options, early access to new features, and the ability to remove the Bonfire branding from your site. Make it completely yours!

We know data is extremely valuable in today’s world, so with Pro, we want to empower your growth with advanced analytics for your pages and content, and seamless integration with Google Analytics for a comprehensive understanding of your audience. Bonfire Pro offers everything you need to scale your community and more, including 10GB of storage, priority support, and a personalized onboarding call to help you make the most of your membership.

Our unwavering mission is to empower creators to unleash the creative and financial potential of their communities. That's why the core platform you've come to know and love remains absolutely free, including unlimited imported drops, notifications, and threads. While these fundamental features will always be accessible, Bonfire Pro takes your creator journey to new heights, enabling you to craft memorable spaces and experiences for your fans.

Ready to take your creator experience to the next level? Upgrade today to Bonfire Pro and experience the extraordinary by yourself!

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Welcome to Pro!

The Bonfire Team

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