The Bonfire is Open to All!

Bonfire helps creators tell their story and create unique digital spaces for their community, on their own custom web3-enabled site.

And today, we’re excited to open the doors so any creator, brand, or community can begin building on Bonfire - sign up now at

Turn on your sound, jam with us, and collect our first Mirror subscriber NFT!


Web3 introduced digital ownership to the internet, enabling creators and brands to build more direct relationships with their fans, while also capturing more of the value they collectively create. We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift, from one where creators build on borrowed land at the whims of the platforms they rely on, to one where they can build and own complete ecosystems where they and their community benefit from the value they collectively create.

Over the past year, we’ve been building with and listening to creators, and hearing their frustration around the lack of easy-to-use tools to onboard one’s community into web3, and build rich experiences for collectors.

This is why we built Bonfire — the simplest and most powerful no-code platform builder for creators and their communities. We create tools to help creators build custom-branded sites for their community, integrated natively with their digital assets and content 🔥

Throughout our beta, we’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of creators pushing the space forward through rich, web3-enabled experiences for their community, from custom NFT mint and airdrop experiences, to gated content and curated experiences for collectors.

While there have been far too many experiences to list them all out, here are just some of the highlights:

  • We helped Odesza reward collectors of their NFT All-Access Pass, letting them claim 2 free tickets to any stop on their recent “The Last Goodbye” tour through a branded claim page, powered by Bonfire

  • We teamed up with Daniel Allan on his Glass House drop, selling out 1,000 music NFTs in 24 hours

  • We partnered with artist Reo Cragun and on Reo’s latest EP Frameworks, which doubled as the debut of the Sound Protocol

  • Podcaster Adam Levy drove >9.5k free NFT mints for “The Vault”, a gated library of content from 9 influential creators in web3, hosted on his Bonfire site

  • Recently we’ve teamed up with the Bankless crew to help power their Bankless Collectibles series, shifting the content NFT meta to podcasting (watch this space 👀)

And since our founding, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to have raised $6.2m from NEA, Variant Fund, Palm Tree Crew Crypto, Libertus Capital, Collab Currency, Pear VC, Coinbase Ventures, Not Boring Capital, and Seed Club Ventures, alongside angels such as Cooper Turley, Lenny Rachitsky, Maya Bakhai, Trevor McFredries, and Cuy Sheffield.

Bonfire’s Suite of Tools

So what can you do on Bonfire today?

  • Custom Bonfire Site: Create a custom web3-enabled site for your community, integrated with your brand, assets, and content.

  • NFT Drops: Drop your next NFT collection using protocol integrations from Sound, Decent, Mintplex and more!

  • Airdrops: Incentivize and reward engagement in your community through custom airdrop claim pages.

  • Gated Content & Livestreams: Upload and share exclusive audio & video content with your community, or turn your Bonfire into a virtual events venue with livestreams. All native, all token gate-able, and all thanks to our friends over at Livepeer.

  • Contests: Foster friendly competition through community contests. Whether you’re hosting a music remix contest or soliciting ideas for your next content piece, your community is the motor that keeps everything running, and contests keep them engaged.

All together - Bonfire allows you to tell a story around your next drop, release, or collection.

Add animations, content, and backgrounds to easily customize the look and feel to your latest project.

And for those new to web3 - Bonfire gives you the tools to begin onboarding your community to web3.

What’s Next?

At Bonfire we continue to find excitement and purpose in helping bring creators and brands closer to their biggest fans, on their terms, and in branded spaces they control. We believe creators in web3 will begin to look and act more and more like platforms, as they leverage new capabilities around digital ownership to identify and build deeper and more direct relationships with their fans.

We’d like to take this chance to thank you, the creator, for trusting us with your community and brand - we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Your feedback and creativity have been an ongoing source of inspiration for us, and we’re in admiration of the innovation, vulnerability, and passion you bring to the space. Keep building, you’re setting an example for us all.

To get started with Bonfire, head over to

You can also check our Knowledge Base for extra help or engage with our Roadmap to stay looped in on what we’re building next or submit your own feature requests.

Tweet us a link to your Bonfire, we’re excited to see what you build.

That’s it, gather around, it’s cozy by the fire!

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